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The Microscopy Listserver/Mailreflector System is a telecommunication (Email) based discussion forum giving members of the scientific community a centralized Internet address to which questions/comments/answers in the various fields of Microscopy or Microanalysis can be rapidly distributed to a list of (subscribed) individuals by electronic mail.

For the purposes of this discussion forum, Microscopy or Microanalysis should be considered to include all techniques which employ a probe such as: photons (including x-rays), electrons, ions, mechanical and/or electromagnetic radiation to form a representation or characterization of the microstructure (internal or external) of any material in either physical and/or life sciences applications.

Some of the more common techniques which are associated with this field include the following: optical microscopy, x-ray microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, scanning ion microscopy, analytical electron microscopy, high resolution electron microscopy, high voltage electron microscopy, electron microprobe analyzers, x-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy, electron energy loss spectroscopy, etc. (the list can continue).......

There are no charges to become a member of the subscription list nor are there any charges for usage, except for the request that you actively participate in any discussion to which you have a question, comment and/or contribution. You may use the electronic links provided at the left to Subscribe and/or Unsubscribe or Post a message.

Unsolicited commerical advertising messages are prohibited from this forum. Brief announcements of educational/training courses are permitted on a strictly limited basis. Please see the FAQ Page for details and Rules of this Listserver.

In compliance with US Public Law 108-187 (CANSPAM Act) only subscribers and/or posters receive copies of posting to the Listserver via Email. Non-subscribers are allowed to browse the archives.

There are numerous subscribers to the Microscopy Listserver from over 40 countries on 6 continents, who participate in this system on a daily basis. Roughly 5-10 messages are posted and cirulated daily on a variety of topics.

This Listserver is Sponsored in part by MicroscopyListserver-SysOp as well as the The Microscopy Society of America (MSA). This sponsorship facilitates providing the Listserver as a Free Service to the World-Wide Microscopy & Microanalysis Community.

Listserver Membership is a privilege and not a right and may be revoked at any time for violating the Listserver Rules.

Email: Nestor J. Zaluzec

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