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The purpose of this reply is to insure that no typographical errors have occured during your subscription to the system and to minimize the transmission of Email to incorrect addresses which sometimes result in messages being bounced/reflected to a large list of receipents tying up the system (and your mail account!).

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As a courtesy to the readers of this list please indicate in the subject line of your message a reasonable descriptive title of your comment/inquiry. Also preface your description by the conventional abbreviation of the type of microscopy you are interested such as LM, IRM, XRM, TEM, SEM, AFM, STM, uProbe...... For example, if you are interested in optical microscopy and have a question about staining then a Title/Subject line for your message might be

Subject: LM - Need help on Staining Cells

or if you are interested in TEM analysis of dislocations then

Subject: TEM - Dislocation Loop Analysis
and so forth.

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