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Colleagues the Search Engine is currently not working for Year 2021.
I am in the process of trying to figure out what is broken. Years prior to 2021 work fine

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Warning: This Search Engine is Case In-Sensitive

  Hint: Choose your search terms carefully:
  Searching on "EDS" will match "EDS" as well as "seeds" or "needs"....
  Searching on "TEM" will match "TEM" as well as "system" or "temporary" etc....
  Searching on " EDS " -- Notice the spaces before and after EDS will only find the word EDS...
  Searching on " TEM " -- Notice the spaces before and after TEM will only find the word TEM...

  Of course, if either of these words happens to begin/end a line then the leading/trailing space trick
  I just used will cause the word to be missed in the search... sigh, the joy of writing computer code!

  Note: the "" (quotation marks) used in the examples above need NOT be used in your Search Terms
  This version only supports simple searches (exact sequential matches) to the text input.
  Multiple keyword searches, within the same field, will be implemented sometime in the future.
   As of Jan 1, 2002 you may now search by either a complete Year or an individual Month/Year
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Cheers.... Nestor
Your Friendly Neighborhood SysOp

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